What is KOVEY

Kovey is a women's contemporary adventure brand born and bred in Southern California. Kovey is defined as a nickname for someone you love and adore. With attention to detail, we design swimwear for fashion, function, comfort, and quality.
 Us Kovey girls go on adventures not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.
Dive into the new collection of swimwear. Our collection brings flattering silhouettes with a modern flare for every girl. We hope you love our bikinis with as much love as we put into them.




Vibrate with warmth from the sun, while grounded by the sea.


Fun Facts:

Kovey - named after Kimzie's husky dog, Covey. Spelled with a K, UrbanDictionary.com defines Kovey as a nickname for someone you love and adore.  The perfect name for our brand.  Our logo was created for our love of the moon and our best adventure mate.  It also looks like he's getting barreled. =P